Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beige Phillip Podcast Review - Episode 94 - A Typical Marriage

I’ve written a couple of posts on ROK inspired by Dante Nero’s Beige Phillip show, a solid podcast that showcases many Red Pill principles while continuing the intellectual and philosophical lineage of Patrice O’Neal. I’ve been working my way through the back catalogue, and plan on dropping a few reviews of episodes when I think of it. Check out the show on the iTunes store or the official website.

The theme of this episode (#94) was giving up control in a marriage. Comedian Joe Matarese recounts how his wife moved them out to the suburbs (away from his career and family, closer to hers) and subsequently encouraged a (female) psychiatrist to diagnose him with mental health issues and put him on 11 different medications. This is a layup example of the growing tendency to pathologize masculinity and sacrifice society at the altar of big pharma. It's only going to get worse.

Matarese also says that his wife disapproves when he has a couple of drinks, and even complains when he has more than one coffee. “I love you when you’re just you” — Typical female excuse to abridge a man having fun and breaking out of the matrix, if only for a few hours. Her justification is that Matarese never drank at the beginning of their relationship, so now it is suddenly unacceptable. This is grim example of one of the Beige Phillip principles — anything you do for a woman more than 3 times is an obligation. 

There was a light subplot of Mara’s story of getting arrested, a bogus charge for handing a drink to an underage bar patron even though she didn’t take the order. Harry astutely points out that things again are different in “Mara world”, referring to her polite treatment by police officers. 

Dante drops a bomb on Matarese when he asks about his wife when he asks what she says she needs to fix about herself. Matarese had no answer. Poignant question, and excellent example of how women feel that they can slide in a relationship without working on themselves. Patrice used to say that “pussy is the wheels on the car” in the context of a committed relationship, meaning that girls who expect you to stick around regardless of their drive to “be a better bitch” are dangerous bets for commitment, I wish Dante had hammered on this point a bit more, but most likely he didn’t want to harp too heavily on the inequity in Matarese’s marriage because it’s already a done deal.

Matarese was an adequate guest, mostly notable for his cautionary tale of a marriage and mainstream blue pill views on his relationship. Dante drops solid wisdom throughout the podcast to combat it, and the juxtaposition makes it an effective teaching tool. No listener mail this week.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Line Of The Week: “I know a lot of smart Ph.D motherfuckers who are dumb as shit“ - Dante

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