Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pill Scout's Male Health Protocol

I was excited to hear that one of my favorite bloggers, Pill Scout, was releasing a book to supplement the excellent wisdom he has dispensed on his blog. Pill Scout's first eBook, "The Male Health Protocol," provides an excellent Cliff's Notes version for advice on diet, exercise, mood, sleep, and general wellness. This book can be bought as a package with the "Testosterone Black Book," which contains tips on how to naturally increase one's testosterone and performance in the bedroom.

The book isn't just useful for the supplementally and nutritionally uninitiated --- I've been following Pill Scout's blog for a while now, and though I have diet and exercise practices in the top 10% of men my age, I still found a few things to tweak for the better. Reading through this excellent compilation reminded me, for example, to revisit the jar of apple cider vinegar in my fridge and told me about the specific benefits of green tea. I also learned that L-Citrulline could help as an erection enhancer, and that raw cocoa powder could help to improve my workouts. These minor tips are worth the price alone, and the book may be a revelation for those who are starting without much knowledge on nutritional supplementation.

My only critiques on Pill Scout's book are very minor. As someone else mentioned, including dosages would have been helpful, and there are a few areas where terms are included without definitions ---"keto" for instance, could have benefitted from a one or two-line explanation, and perhaps some background or protocol on the non-intuitive (but highly beneficial) practice of intermittent fasting.

Overall, this an excellent collection from one of my favorite bloggers, a book that can benefit both newbies and veterans of Pill Scout's site. Be sure to buy it and also check out his new site over at Anarcho Introvert.


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