Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are You Hungry Or Thirsty?

"Thirsty guys are ruining the game" - Several on-point manosphere authors

I think of these terms differently, though both are primal urges from our lizard brains. The difference is that a human can go three weeks without food, while he will die after three days without water. A hungry man can still make long-range, goal-oriented changes to his behavior. A thirsty man will desperately try to reach his goal in the minimum amount of time without putting in the work necessary to make sustainable changes. Here are some examples:
  • A hungry man will work tirelessly to build a sustainable business
  • A thirsty man will join a multi-level marketing scheme to try to make a quick buck

  • A hungry man will work to exhaustion in the gym, building muscle the hard way by lifting heavy
  • A thirsty man will load up on supplements, do a few bicep curls on a bosu ball, and take a bunch of mirror selfies sucking in his gut

  • A hungry man will sustainably change to his diet to promote longevity, health, and aesthetics
  • A thirsty man will try a fad diet for a week, and then give up and go back to McDonalds

  • A hungry man will suit up, hit a couple clubs, and make his approaches in a workmanlike manner
  • A thirsty man will dart from target to target, opening each girl in the bar with the same line, making people feel uncomfortable and escalating without receiving any interest

  • A hungry man will build his portfolio of vibe, personality, fitness, and social skills in a holistic attempt to make himself more attractive
  • A thirsty man will ignore the finer aspects of personal development because he's desperate to get laid&nbsp

  • A hungry man will take his lumps approach women in real life and may supplement with online dating
  • A thirsty man will sign up for a dating site, spam 100 girls with "hey u r cute", and then gripe about hypergamy when he can't close anything above a 3

Thirsty men make the game worse for everyone, but hungry men represent that competition that motivates you to elevate your game in all areas of your life. Which one applies to the people you surround yourself with? And which one are you?

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