Thursday, October 31, 2013

Separate Yourself

A 30-year-old man hits the town with his buddies on a pickup mission in an average American city. He's in good shape, with a decent diet, a solid job, and some interesting hobbies. His game is not razor-sharp but he at least pokes around the Roosh V forum and has a high enough notch count to be respectable. He spends his night doing approach after approach for girls who are 6s and 7s, and gets blown out repeatedly. Why?

He's not hooking them with anything. 

The game is getting harder. In the days of the Mystery Method, you could memorize a few routines and blindside girls into attraction by pushing buttons that few other guys knew about. Now, the velociraptors have tested the fence and they know the power is out. Game is a red queen race bolstered by the increasing availability of choice and attention for girls. Even the average "game-aware" guy is losing ground to the "Like" button on Facebook.

Roosh writes about this in his post The Future Of Game:
"It doesn’t have to be national fame, but you must be known for something with a reputation that precedes you. You must have a YouTube channel with millions of views. You must be a proprietor of a hipster butcher shop. You must be a popular writer, artist, or musician. You must be nightclub promoter or DJ. You must be a competitive skateboarder. Your must be the notorious editor of a cupcake newsletter. In a culture where a million people are “famous,” you’ll have to work your ass off for scraps if you’re not." 
Is fame the answer for the increasingly hostile playing field in America? Perhaps. Young girls get offered dick hundreds of times a month, whether in person, on social media, or via online dating platforms. If you're not famous, you have to work on the one thing that grabs attention and separates you from all the other chumps hoping to get laid. Will it be your ability to approach during the day? Your huge muscles? Your impeccable sense of style? If you can't identify your separator, get ready to gnaw on the tablescraps.

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  1. My height, physique, and the fact I look as though I'm about to tear someone's throat out. The fame will come later.