Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Feministing Supports Bullying Of 16 Year Old Girl

Be sure to read this post over at Return of Kings

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  1. I read one of your articles on ROK and followed a link to your blog. Having spent an hour or two reading the posts since the blog was formed I wanted to write a comment.
    The content of your blog is very good, it avoids some of the excesses of ROK which can be very cruel and anti women, but at the same time offers very good advice for men.
    The stuff you have written about weight, advertised food and diet is very good and very true. There is a weight and food problem for women and men to be honest, and this has been caused by the sugars and corn syrup that is in so many foods - especially in the US. The UK is not far behind, and I can also see that in Poland - where I now live - that as more fast food outlets open and people buy more advertised junk food the same may eventually happen here.
    Your items on making the best use of time, not getting weighed down by possessions and debt, not getting into the high spending lifestyle are all excellent.
    Your items on women and the game are good and better and more sensible than much of what can be read on ROK. I 100% agree on your points on the gay sportsman too.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Richard, appreciate the comment.