Monday, October 14, 2013

Fat Shaming Week: My Story

I used to be kind of fat.

I played sports in high school and was very healthy, but then went to college and the usual story unfolded: too much drinking, too many carbs, and too little exercise. After I graduated my BMI was approaching 30 and I looked pretty crappy. Of course, I told myself the same hamster-iffic excuses that feminist bloggers likely say --- "It's just a few pounds." "I carry it well."  "But food is so good!" "I have a big frame." Plus, I had a girlfriend at the time which removed the necessity of competing for female attention. 

Things changed when I became single and couldn't get girls to talk to me. I would go to the bar, buy girls drinks, and then watched them leave with in-shape guys. Despite the lies I was telling myself and the bitter "unfairness" of being a cool guy who couldn't get girls only because of they way I looked, the sexual marketplace had spoken. I decided to change things.

Today, my BMI is below 25 and I am between "intermediate" and "advanced" strength standards for major compound lifts. People typically guess that I'm younger than my age, and girls compliment me on my body fairly regularly.

Fatness is treatable even in spite of the toxic food environment I've written on before. There are some minor sustainable changes you can make that, over the long term, will help you improve and take some ownership over your situation --- if you know which things to change.

This is why "The Biggest Loser" is a terrible thing to happen to our society's perception of fixing fatness. The show's structure promoted the idea that to transform your life, you should and have to work out for hours and hours a day and eat only vegetables. It just isn't a long-term solution, and painting such profound diet and exercise changes as mandatory only serves to discourage people from taking the first couple steps.

So, fatties, I extend to you an offer. Send an email to me (manexmachina at gmail dot com) with a few specific questions or issues you have found in your quest to lose weight. If I get any responses to this, I'll do a post answering your questions based on my experience, and I'll include some tips on minor hacks that helped me lose 20 pounds, get stronger, clean up my bloodwork, and start attracting the opposite sex.

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