Thursday, September 19, 2013

The TV Diet

Now with more Vitamin D!

There is frequent debate over which diet is best for general health --- Paleo, Slow Carb, Atkins, Mediterranean, etc. Should I believe that "calories in=calories out" or look at my macronutrient profile? If you're a beginner who is confused about which plan to follow, I have a novel idea inspired by Corn Flakes.

I was riding the elevator upstairs to my apartment when I saw an early 30s couple carrying in their groceries. The man was a bit skinny-fat, and the girl had a few extra pounds, but they weren't particularly offensive to the eye. Given the general American population, these people probably see themselves as relatively healthy -- the guy runs a couple miles a couple times a week, the girl goes to the occasional yoga class, eats salads for lunch most days, and wonders why she can't seem to lose those last 10 pounds.

The two things I could see were 4 boxes of Special K, and a tub of some sort of butter substitute. 

Marketing is powerful. Our food industrial complex has spent billions of dollars convincing us that this junk will HELP us in the neverending quest to become healthy, while anyone who has taken a look around lately knows that this is untrue. Keoni Galt calls this type of food "feed," which is an appropriate term for mass-produced, mass-marketed garbage that external forces have brainwashed us into thinking is healthy. So, I propose a new rule:  

If you've ever seen it advertised on TV, don't eat it.

When is the last time you saw a commercial for grass-fed meat, fish, or green vegetables? Never, because these products are not particularly profitable. Nearly everything that marketers are trying to push on you is manufactured from crap ingredients, sold to you at a huge markup, and is actually physically addictive due to additives such as high-fructose corn syrup.

The TV diet rule holds true for restaurants as well. It's almost impossible to get quality food at any place you've ever seen on TV. I like gastropubs or out-of-the-way Asian restaurants that make food with fresh ingredients. If you go to Chile's, you're just going to get a GMO-filled 3,500 calorie carb bomb.

If you're looking for a place to start with any diet, go through your kitchen and throw away anything that you've seen an advertisement for. Fill your house with food and not "products."

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Strength Of Your Game Is Situation-Independent

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Slow Burn Game Doesn't Work

I was at a concert recently when I saw a cute girl in front of me. It was too loud to approach, so I observed the girl's love affair with her smartphone while the band crushed their set. She was texting 3 guys at the same time time, flipping between the iMessage windows in sequence while writing banal responses to their long, attention-begging missives.

We accuse girls of solipsism for thinking men are attracted to the same things they are, but we are often guilty of not putting effort into understanding the everyday life of the American female. Roosh touches on this in his Jesus post. We have to stop taking it so personally that every girl has unlimited dick on interest-free layaway.

Yes, every girl.

Of course, not every one takes advantage of this in the carnal sense, but they all use it to feed their egos. Men can't do this. This is why "slow burn" texting game is a low-percentage move at best. I have friends who insist on texting a girl intermittently and keeping a lead alive until they are more ready to take advantage of it. This is a sucker's game. You may have the option on temporary layaway, but you're paying usurious interest rates --- checking in, making sure you're expressing interest but not too much, putting up with a high probability of flaking, etc. Girls pay no interest for layaway. They receive messages all day, send one word answers to doting followers, and have cock on call whenever they want.  

It's certainly possible to make initial contact and then 're-kindle' later by chance. But girls blow us out of the water at this game because they always have options. This is potentially a consequence of a smartphone-infested society, but we must deal with the environment we're in. The discount rate for their "prospects" is zero, while ours is roughly equivalent to that of a Weimar mark.

When you meet a girl you like, you must escalate and go for the kiss/date/bang like you will never have another chance. You can always throw out feelers later in a last ditch effort, but with the sheer amount of attention women can receive from Twitter, Instagram, OKCupid, etc. her memory of you will be drowned out in a matter of days, at best. A woman's initial interest is a fleeting thing, and if you do not capitalize on it she will soon transfer it to one of the hundreds of other layaway options she's offered every month. No money down.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Everything Is A Race

"Take your time on the test. It's not a race!" -- Every high school teacher ever

This is dumb advice. Everything is a race.

The most successful people I know wake up every day knowing that other people are working hard, and they must work harder to beat them. This is not the same as the Calvinist "work ethic" that forces you to stay in the office until 10pm answering meaningless emails, which paradoxically constrains your actual creative productivity. Whether it's entreprenurial, fitness, monetary, or any other kind of goal, a dedicated, consistent effort is more than most are willing to put forth.

These people are borderline-paranoid about other people beating them out. Out of women, out of business opportunities, out of sports competitions. Everyone else sits around, eats junk food, and watches reality TV while these individuals grind their fingers to the bone in order to be the best.

In his classic article String Theory, David Foster Wallace opines about the nature of excellence in competitive tennis. To be the best, he writes, professional tennis players adopt an almost child-like rejection from their worldview anything that doesn't involve their singular goal:
"The restrictions on his life have been, in my opinion, grotesque; and in certain ways Joyce himself is a grotesque. But the radical compression of his attention and sense of himself have allowed him to become a transcendent practitioner of an art -- something few of us get to be. They’ve allowed him to visit and test parts of his psychic reserves most of us do not even know for sure we have."
Perhaps this singular dedication is beautiful. Perhaps it is tragic. At the end of the day, though, all that matters is winning.

Though the majority of Americans are lazy fat slobs, a dedicated minority is focused on pushing their goals forward. These people are your competition. What are you going to do to be better than them? Will you put in the extra sets at the gym until your legs burn? Will you stay up late solving a programming problem on a deadline for your startup? How will you compete with those who are dedicating their lives to excellence?

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