Friday, July 5, 2013

Kill It With Fire: r/relationships

I have a love-hate relationship with Reddit. The popular news aggregator contains a wealth of information on esoteric hobbies and subcultures often delivered with the sarcastic dry humor I can appreciate as a closet nerd.

On the other hand, Reddit users are predominantly people that you wouldn't want to associate with in real life. Nearly every subreddit is populated by the social dregs of that particular subculture. A useful way to think of subreddit X is "Poorly socialized nerds doing X." Khrav maga subreddit? Imagine the nerdiest guy you have ever seen at martial arts class. Seduction subreddit? These are the guys still talking about sarging HB8s and k-closing the target after their wing AMOGs the AFCs in the club.

Robert of 30 Days to X pointed out on Twitter that the r/relationships subreddit is an especially large treasure trove of bitter blue pill comedy. These are actual post titles from the last few days:

"My girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend -- and I still love her"

My[22 m] girlfriend[23 f] is still talking to guys she met online- should I be concerned? I need an outsider's perspective please?

"My [22M] Girlfriend [21F] of 3 years blatantly asked me if she can have a One-Night-Stand. I said yes and now I feel like shit."

My[19M] girlfriend [19F] of ~6 months drunkenly kissed another guy, should I be angry?

Relationships are difficult to navigate in a world where men are taught to defer to women's feelings on every issue, and this forum perfectly illustrates the pervasiveness of the feminine imperative among blue pill thinkers. A typical r/relationships "problem" involves a man discovering his girl is cheating, and then asking about how to apologize for snooping on her phone to find the dirt. It's proof enough that "just dump her" is seen as a troll response in this forum.

If you are wondering how much Red Pill you have digested, an excellent barometer is your level of disgust while reading the threads on r/relationships, and whether you can pick out the subtext and gender power dynamics displayed in these scenarios. Happy redditing!

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  1. The right side of my brain constantly stabs the left side in the back. Should I be mad this happens...or know that this is one of the weaknesses of the right side if it isn't properly stabbed in the front?