Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Buy "Three Years of Hate" While You Can

When Matt Forney revealed himself to be Ferdinand Bardamu, the prolific author of the now-defunct In Mala Fide, I was one of the few who had not made the connection. IMF was one of my first exposures to Red Pill thought, and set into motion many of the events that resulted in me creating this blog. 

Three Years of Hate condenses the best moments of IMF into a single work, and represents the only existing record of many of these posts now that IMF has vanished down the Internet memory hole. The book spans a range of topics such as religion, political theory, game, racism, the evolution of sex, and many others with a well-written alt-right slant. This is some really foundational stuff for the manosphere, including such essays as:

The Emptiness of Modern Manhood
Soccer and Multicultural Imperialism
Marriage is Dying: How Will Women Respond?
Not All Women Are Like That, Explained

Matt was always a terrific writer no matter the nom de plume, and this exhaustive manifesto of his worldview was even more interesting the second time around. On the rare points I disagree with, the prose is compelling and witty enough to make me think about the validity of my position.

If someone asked for three pieces of material for an introduction to the manosphere's gestalt, Three Years of Hate would be among them, along with the Best of Roosh and the Solomon blog archives. I won't go any more in-depth with a review, but I want to make everyone aware that this excellent compilation is only available for another week. I encourage you to buy it while you still can.

Click here to buy "Three Years of Hate"

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