Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pickup At 25,000 Feet

Everyone hates flying. The fact that airlines are beginning to charge by size should clue you in on the clientele for the average commercial flight. However, if you travel enough you will inevitably be presented with opportunities to game. When the airline gods smile upon you with the proximity of an attractive lass, here are some strategies you can use:

Getting a Number

It's best to establish a quick positive rapport shorty after sitting down. I usually do this by poking fun at someone on the airplane who deserves it (e.g. a man talking too loudly on his cell phone, a woman with a dog in a handbag, etc.). After you exchange pleasantries, disengage. If you're used to pushing through an approach at a bar or club this will feel unnatural, but is absolutely imperative unless you are on a very short flight. Even if you could ramble enough to cover a 5 hour flight from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, it's unlikely that your seatmate wants to hear you talk for hours on end.

Work on your own stuff, preferably something that involves reading or working rather than playing video games. When the flight is about 10-15 minutes from landing, re-engage the girl and ramp up the chitchat. Day Bang's "elderly opener", "ramble", "big bait," and GALNUC concepts are key here. If she responds positively to your vibe, getting the number shouldn't be difficult. 

Girls abuse the word "creepy," but in this scenario you must avoid embodying that tired adjective. The image you want to portray is "confident, laid-back interesting guy." Note that this is a different mindset than at the club. Err on the side of being boring.

Mid-Flight Makeout

Opportunities to actually escalate physically over the course of the flight are few and far between, but it does happen. I have done this twice. These were the common threads in both instances:

- The girl was young (<25)
- She expressed a fun/flirty vibe early in the interaction
- She responded positively to continued teasing. 

This works almost exclusively on younger girls, who are attracted to the "danger" of making out with a complete stranger on an airplane and are not as concerned about their image. The key here is grinding out the approach and steady compliance testing. Unlike going for the number, you're going to have to build attraction and push the boundaries a bit throughout the flight, which can be exhausting and tedious. If she rebuffs you in a playful way you are on to something. The image you want to project is "Mischievous but non-rapey bad boy."

The in-plane makeout requires boldness, savvy, and a lot of luck. Make light touching as the first physical move, and keep escalating. Pull back a bit here and there and be bold about everything before the kiss, which you need to be reasonably sure of for obvious reasons. The good news is, if the girl likes you enough to make out with you on the plane, you should be able to transition it into an instant date if you're staying in the same city.

Unless you identify your seatmate as a prime target, it's best to forgo this routine because of the time involved and the low-percentage nature of the move. In a normal night approach you can often bust through initial social resistance if your game is tight, but the confined environment of air travel can magnify any negative feelings toward you. Trust your instincts and tread carefully, lest you get arrested and strip-searched by a Sky Marshal.

Pulling A Flight Attendant

I have little experience with this, but I consulted a friend who has done this several times. She has to have initial interest in you, and it's best if you're seated near the front or back of the plane, giving you more face time and opportunities for interaction. This is similar to hitting on a bartender, where innumerable other jerks are jockeying for an attractive girl's time while she is at work. You need something to separate yourself, and this game is best played by men who are very good looking or eye catching in some manner. This situation has the highest upside though, since flight attendants can travel anywhere for free and can thus become part of your rotation despite geographic distance.

Ultimately, airplane game is difficult to practice because it is so dependent on circumstances outside of your control. You can fly for months without sitting next to a single reasonable target, but on the rare occasions where the circumstances line up properly you'll know that it's possible and how to maximize your chances.

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