Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book Review: Brains & Brawn

Robert Koch is the proprietor of 30 Days to X, a standout self-improvement blog that should be required reading for everyone looking to better themselves. Robert picks a new skill every month and lays out a plan to accomplish the goal, filling the blog with reflections on what he learns as he goes through the month. 

Robert's recently released his first ebook, "Brains & Brawn," a short guide that effectively outlines the basic initial steps of improving one's physique, diet, and mental faculties. The book struck me as similar to Frost's "Freedom 25 Lifestyle Guide," but should have strong appeal to a slightly different market -- extreme beginners looking to take control of their lives, and who may be intimidated by some of the more difficult to implement tips on diet, investing, etc. in Frost's work. People already on a self-improvement kick may be familiar with most of the advice, but I still picked up a couple useful modifications to my workout and was reminded that I shouldn't feel bad about playing strategy games in my spare time.

Though it was short, the book was very good. My only criticism is that it would have been nice to see a few more personal anecdotes or examples about how the principles worked. Robert's blog is full of insightful stories about his successes and challenges with his monthly goals, so I was surprised that these were mostly absent. Still, there was a clear focus on brevity so I can understand why he wanted to include only the most actionable information. I hope that Robert eventually decides to compile his most worthy challenges and field reports into a larger work.

For now, Robert's first effort provides a great starter kit for someone in your life who needs basic guidance on how to start their journey to manhood. Whether you know someone like this or just want a concise refresher, throw down a dollar to support one of the best new writers on the manosphere scene. I know I'll be buying all of his stuff in the future.

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