Monday, March 11, 2013

Do Not Consume; Create

This is an excellent short article. Some gems:

"We are so good at tricking ourselves that we even consider some sources of distraction to be essential consumption. Would-be writers try to hold off writing that novel until they finish just one more book on story structure. Wannabe web entrepreneurs never get past the domain registration stage, always looking for more tips and shortcuts that will magically protect them from failure."


"There is a magic to creating anything at all. To launch something into the world that had never before existed. Something you can call your own. As you build and create, you will wonder why you wasted so much time on pointless distractions. You will become even more confident in your own abilities, and uncover talents you did not know you had."

Humans are driven to create things. We invented the wheel, conceptualized the theory of relativity, unlocked the mechanism of our own evolution, and devised the internet. Our species invented calculus and the atomic bomb. We have the ability to contemplate our own mortality and introspect about the nature of our existence. 

The human brain is evolution's crowning accomplishment, and it's being utterly wasted staring at iPhone screens all day.

The role of such technology in our lives is to leave us perpetually unhappy and unfulfilled. It is no coincidence that it also facilitates buying things we don't need, encourages us to form only the most superficial of relationships, and distracts us from asking difficult questions about our society's future.

The solution is simple: kill your TV, put down your phone, and use the unparalleled power of your mind to create things. Until you do, you are just another gear in society's machine.

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