Monday, February 18, 2013

The Assault on Your Time

If you have a normal day job, it's likely that you are constantly pressured either to work later or volunteer for work-related functions outside of normal hours, while people with spouses and kids receive no such pressure. "It's not a big time commitment," your manager will say. "Just do it for the good of the company."

If you are young and single, your time is implicitly valued less than the time of people who have spouses and/or families. Our society presents unspoken and often unchallenged rewards to people who exist within the matrix's established path that often begins with a "serious" relationship and ends with debt slavery. Those in societally-anointed "stable" situations get more tax breaks, more promotions at work, and more favorable portrayal in popular media for participating in the grand plan.

Unfortunately, a situation that lacks adequate value for all parties involved can only provide so many peripheral incentives before it is exposed as a scam. In this corner of the internet, men are beginning to realize that the aforementioned benefits for those who pursue the "American Dream" are few, and the costs are myriad. Some get angry, but it's difficult to blame the system for seeing to its own propagation.

Remember that if you are an intelligent, in-shape, single male with an income, haters will attack you from all areas of society. Your most powerful weapon is the ability to say no to those who attempt to enslave you by stealing your time or limiting your options. Exercise this right frequently.

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