Sunday, February 10, 2013

22 and 35

22 will ignore text messages and think you're weird if you use the telephone
35 will answer texts promptly and will be happy when you call

22 will laugh derisively if you take her on a real date and will never contact you again
35 will jump at the chance to go on a date with you, and may even pay the bill

22 will kick you to the curb if you give her anything but the most fleeting bits of attention
35 will feel grateful for your interest and reciprocate even more strongly

22 will spend a night out looking at text messages on her smartphone
35 will want to drink wine with her close friends, and perhaps talk to an interesting man

22 will gorge on late-night pizza without any regard to its effects on her body
35 will hit the gym multiple times a week with a personal trainer

22 will overtly and relentlessly test for cracks in your frame
35 will compliment you on your body, intelligence, sense of humor, and  interests

22 will prattle on about the Kardashians, her dumb friends, and meaningless fake problems
35 will potentially be able to hold a conversation about music, art, sports, or life experience

I once dated a woman in her mid-30s when I was in my mid-20s. I approached her in a bar, dropped some bait about traveling and my hobbies, and we ended up seeing each other for several months. Our interactions were primarily "dates" where she would cook me dinner, fuck my brains out, and then send me on my way. Oddly enough, I enjoyed being around her even after sex. She had interesting insights, was caring and feminine, and spoke with a cute accent.

Competition for girls in their early 20s is a grind and the payoffs are absolutely worth it. On the other hand, while 30+ women understandably get destroyed in the manosphere, they do have value as part of a player's portfolio. An attractive and pleasant older woman can serve as a welcome respite from the gladiator game of chasing college girls... least as long as you can avoid this:

22 will not want a baby, which would derail her party years and the progress of her career
35 will look at pregnancy as a miracle, and unhesitatingly make you a debt slave for 18 years

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  1. Great post. Your willingness to challenge dogmatic tendencies in the manosphere is a welcome breath of fresh air.

    I was greatly enriched by numerous entanglements with older women throughout my twenties. I'll never forget the one who told me at the outset that she didn't care how many other women I was fucking as long as she had my attention when we were spending time together. And the majority the time we spent together was used for fucking. She was also intelligent, caring, and a great cook. Of course I kept hitting young asses in parallel, but it would have been my loss not to get involved with her on account of some bullshit orthodoxy that demonizes older women.

    Diversify your assets, players.