Tuesday, November 5, 2013

22 Signs He's A Player

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Separate Yourself

A 30-year-old man hits the town with his buddies on a pickup mission in an average American city. He's in good shape, with a decent diet, a solid job, and some interesting hobbies. His game is not razor-sharp but he at least pokes around the Roosh V forum and has a high enough notch count to be respectable. He spends his night doing approach after approach for girls who are 6s and 7s, and gets blown out repeatedly. Why?

He's not hooking them with anything. 

The game is getting harder. In the days of the Mystery Method, you could memorize a few routines and blindside girls into attraction by pushing buttons that few other guys knew about. Now, the velociraptors have tested the fence and they know the power is out. Game is a red queen race bolstered by the increasing availability of choice and attention for girls. Even the average "game-aware" guy is losing ground to the "Like" button on Facebook.

Roosh writes about this in his post The Future Of Game:
"It doesn’t have to be national fame, but you must be known for something with a reputation that precedes you. You must have a YouTube channel with millions of views. You must be a proprietor of a hipster butcher shop. You must be a popular writer, artist, or musician. You must be nightclub promoter or DJ. You must be a competitive skateboarder. Your must be the notorious editor of a cupcake newsletter. In a culture where a million people are “famous,” you’ll have to work your ass off for scraps if you’re not." 
Is fame the answer for the increasingly hostile playing field in America? Perhaps. Young girls get offered dick hundreds of times a month, whether in person, on social media, or via online dating platforms. If you're not famous, you have to work on the one thing that grabs attention and separates you from all the other chumps hoping to get laid. Will it be your ability to approach during the day? Your huge muscles? Your impeccable sense of style? If you can't identify your separator, get ready to gnaw on the tablescraps.

Friday, October 25, 2013

I Tried Modafinil

I took Modafinil. You can read other reviews from PillScout and Examine for some background on the drug, but I wanted to see if it would materially alter my productivity at work. For my first experience, I took 1/2 of a 200mg pill, which is half the typical dosage. Here are the effects I noticed:

Increased attention - It was easier to concentrate on work, especially tasks of a non-creative nature (e.g. creating Excel spreadsheets). I did not have the same compulsion to check Facebook, look at my RSS feeds, or otherwise goof around while I was attempted to get something done.

Tunnel vision - I could stop myself from focusing on one thing if I tried, but intense focus came much more naturally.

Lack of social outgoing - In my previous experience with stimulants (mostly amphetamines), I noticed that they made me significantly more outgoing and genuinely intellectually curious. On Modafinil, I felt even less outgoing than usual.

Lack of euphoria - Prior stimulants have given me this effect and I did not notice it at all on modafinil. On the contrary, it gave me a grim, almost depressed focus on the task at hand.

Side effects:

Dry mouth - Mild.

Reduced appetite - Studies confirm this, though the drug is not associated with long-term weight loss.

The drug made me more focused but it did not make me more creative. The overall effects were fairly mild, which is to be expected from only taking half the typical dose. Doing the drug isn't particularly pleasurable, unlike like having a lot of coffee or taking a time release Adderall pill, but I could see it improving alertness and attention enough to get work done. I am typically well-rested at work, so I cannot comment on its ability to improve cognition when already fatigued.

I did feel a low-level of dread throughout the day even though I was not objectively having a bad day, which discourages me from using the drug on a regular basis. Perhaps Modafinil's method of action on neurotransmitters suggests caution for those prone to depression or anxiety. I have not had those problems in several years, but the background mood felt similar to mild depression. Some poking around on the internet suggests that it has been used to treat depression, so I won't say my experience is typical. I may try it again with the full dosage just to see what happens.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reader Mailbag: Drinking And Weight Loss

In response to my earlier post, a reader asks:
99% of fitness related blogs assume people get fat on fast food and soda, and they drink alcohol only on social occasions. This may fit the major trends of American culture - although it sounds like an oversimplification of even that - but I am Hungarian. 3rd most drinking nation in the world. Three shots, three to four beers sounds like an average evening to me....Add it to the fact that alcohol increases the desire for fatty food (they seem to affect same parts of the brain or so did some scientists found), which is in our case is not a Big Mac but more like lard with bread, and you know why I am have a BMI of 30.... I got my blood test done, liver function (Gamma GT) is perfect, testosterone at 380 is probably low but getting more serious at lifting and doing a few diet hacks should sort that out. Therefore, unless I see a compelling reason to think otherwise, I will keep thinking you can be a masculine behaving, masculine looking, strong and not too fat man while being a moderately heavy daily drinker.....Secondarily, my masculine role model or ideal is not todays holier-than-thou athletes, but those men of the past who did hard physical labor, mining, farming, or were warriors or discoverers. They were usually heavier drinkers than me. ...At any rate, can you give a weight loss advice that is not like all the pansies who go knee jerk with "drinking problems" and is not like "athletes" (screw that) have to be saints, but somehow imitates the lifestyle of a hard-drinking miner, farmer, soldier, sailor, conqueror, a manly man of the past? While having an office job and have time  for example 4-5 1-1.5 hour trainings per week? So cannot work or work out all day?
I have been to Hungary and am familiar with your people's fondness for alcohol. Regardless of the cultural tolerance for daily drinking, it is an inescapable fact that having 6-7 drinks a day is going to have an adverse effect on your body. As I am sure you know, alcohol inhibits fat burning and indirectly increases the ratio of estrogen to testosterone in the male body. It also prevents getting restful sleep, causing your brain to release less HGH, which slows building muscle and recovery from stress.

On the fitness end of things, I'm glad you're getting into the gym and lifting/running regularly. Going to the gym for 4-5 hours a week is more than enough for most people to maintain a reasonable physique as long as their diet as decent, but drinking to that extent will undo a lot of the progress you make with your exercise. It is unreasonable for you to expect to drink hard like men who did daily physical labor when your lifestyle outside the gym reflects the common sedentary modern life that most of us (myself included) share.

We have to accept that life is a series of trade-offs. If you absolutely insist on drinking beer every day, and 4-5 of them at that, to have any chance at progress in the gym and on your waistline you have to be that much more fastidious about your diet. No more spaghetti dishes, no more potatoes, cut out the grains and starch completely. If steak is too expensive, eat more chicken, fish, eggs, and other sources of low-carb protein. Your diet has to be squeaky-clean and low carb to have any chance at weight loss, and even then the amount of drinking you do will still likely stall or completely halt your progress. Look up the ketogenic diet, but getting that to work properly will require limiting or cutting out beer entirely (though vodka with no caloric mixers is still ok).

Rather than go on a crash diet like you mentioned, I would still try to cut down on the drinking as much as you can stand --- if you could even turn 4 beers and 3 shots into 2 beers and 2 shots for a few nights of the week, you might see a significant difference in your body after a month or two. Also, this is an excellent article that explains the biochemistry of alcohol and gives some tips on how to minimize its impact on your training regimen.

Good luck and thanks for writing in.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fat Shaming Week: My Story

I used to be kind of fat.

I played sports in high school and was very healthy, but then went to college and the usual story unfolded: too much drinking, too many carbs, and too little exercise. After I graduated my BMI was approaching 30 and I looked pretty crappy. Of course, I told myself the same hamster-iffic excuses that feminist bloggers likely say --- "It's just a few pounds." "I carry it well."  "But food is so good!" "I have a big frame." Plus, I had a girlfriend at the time which removed the necessity of competing for female attention. 

Things changed when I became single and couldn't get girls to talk to me. I would go to the bar, buy girls drinks, and then watched them leave with in-shape guys. Despite the lies I was telling myself and the bitter "unfairness" of being a cool guy who couldn't get girls only because of they way I looked, the sexual marketplace had spoken. I decided to change things.

Today, my BMI is below 25 and I am between "intermediate" and "advanced" strength standards for major compound lifts. People typically guess that I'm younger than my age, and girls compliment me on my body fairly regularly.

Fatness is treatable even in spite of the toxic food environment I've written on before. There are some minor sustainable changes you can make that, over the long term, will help you improve and take some ownership over your situation --- if you know which things to change.

This is why "The Biggest Loser" is a terrible thing to happen to our society's perception of fixing fatness. The show's structure promoted the idea that to transform your life, you should and have to work out for hours and hours a day and eat only vegetables. It just isn't a long-term solution, and painting such profound diet and exercise changes as mandatory only serves to discourage people from taking the first couple steps.

So, fatties, I extend to you an offer. Send an email to me (manexmachina at gmail dot com) with a few specific questions or issues you have found in your quest to lose weight. If I get any responses to this, I'll do a post answering your questions based on my experience, and I'll include some tips on minor hacks that helped me lose 20 pounds, get stronger, clean up my bloodwork, and start attracting the opposite sex.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The TV Diet

Now with more Vitamin D!

There is frequent debate over which diet is best for general health --- Paleo, Slow Carb, Atkins, Mediterranean, etc. Should I believe that "calories in=calories out" or look at my macronutrient profile? If you're a beginner who is confused about which plan to follow, I have a novel idea inspired by Corn Flakes.

I was riding the elevator upstairs to my apartment when I saw an early 30s couple carrying in their groceries. The man was a bit skinny-fat, and the girl had a few extra pounds, but they weren't particularly offensive to the eye. Given the general American population, these people probably see themselves as relatively healthy -- the guy runs a couple miles a couple times a week, the girl goes to the occasional yoga class, eats salads for lunch most days, and wonders why she can't seem to lose those last 10 pounds.

The two things I could see were 4 boxes of Special K, and a tub of some sort of butter substitute. 

Marketing is powerful. Our food industrial complex has spent billions of dollars convincing us that this junk will HELP us in the neverending quest to become healthy, while anyone who has taken a look around lately knows that this is untrue. Keoni Galt calls this type of food "feed," which is an appropriate term for mass-produced, mass-marketed garbage that external forces have brainwashed us into thinking is healthy. So, I propose a new rule:  

If you've ever seen it advertised on TV, don't eat it.

When is the last time you saw a commercial for grass-fed meat, fish, or green vegetables? Never, because these products are not particularly profitable. Nearly everything that marketers are trying to push on you is manufactured from crap ingredients, sold to you at a huge markup, and is actually physically addictive due to additives such as high-fructose corn syrup.

The TV diet rule holds true for restaurants as well. It's almost impossible to get quality food at any place you've ever seen on TV. I like gastropubs or out-of-the-way Asian restaurants that make food with fresh ingredients. If you go to Chile's, you're just going to get a GMO-filled 3,500 calorie carb bomb.

If you're looking for a place to start with any diet, go through your kitchen and throw away anything that you've seen an advertisement for. Fill your house with food and not "products."

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Strength Of Your Game Is Situation-Independent

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Slow Burn Game Doesn't Work

I was at a concert recently when I saw a cute girl in front of me. It was too loud to approach, so I observed the girl's love affair with her smartphone while the band crushed their set. She was texting 3 guys at the same time time, flipping between the iMessage windows in sequence while writing banal responses to their long, attention-begging missives.

We accuse girls of solipsism for thinking men are attracted to the same things they are, but we are often guilty of not putting effort into understanding the everyday life of the American female. Roosh touches on this in his Jesus post. We have to stop taking it so personally that every girl has unlimited dick on interest-free layaway.

Yes, every girl.

Of course, not every one takes advantage of this in the carnal sense, but they all use it to feed their egos. Men can't do this. This is why "slow burn" texting game is a low-percentage move at best. I have friends who insist on texting a girl intermittently and keeping a lead alive until they are more ready to take advantage of it. This is a sucker's game. You may have the option on temporary layaway, but you're paying usurious interest rates --- checking in, making sure you're expressing interest but not too much, putting up with a high probability of flaking, etc. Girls pay no interest for layaway. They receive messages all day, send one word answers to doting followers, and have cock on call whenever they want.  

It's certainly possible to make initial contact and then 're-kindle' later by chance. But girls blow us out of the water at this game because they always have options. This is potentially a consequence of a smartphone-infested society, but we must deal with the environment we're in. The discount rate for their "prospects" is zero, while ours is roughly equivalent to that of a Weimar mark.

When you meet a girl you like, you must escalate and go for the kiss/date/bang like you will never have another chance. You can always throw out feelers later in a last ditch effort, but with the sheer amount of attention women can receive from Twitter, Instagram, OKCupid, etc. her memory of you will be drowned out in a matter of days, at best. A woman's initial interest is a fleeting thing, and if you do not capitalize on it she will soon transfer it to one of the hundreds of other layaway options she's offered every month. No money down.

Want to approach girls during the day? Check out Roosh's Day Bang for the best comprehensive guide available

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Everything Is A Race

"Take your time on the test. It's not a race!" -- Every high school teacher ever

This is dumb advice. Everything is a race.

The most successful people I know wake up every day knowing that other people are working hard, and they must work harder to beat them. This is not the same as the Calvinist "work ethic" that forces you to stay in the office until 10pm answering meaningless emails, which paradoxically constrains your actual creative productivity. Whether it's entreprenurial, fitness, monetary, or any other kind of goal, a dedicated, consistent effort is more than most are willing to put forth.

These people are borderline-paranoid about other people beating them out. Out of women, out of business opportunities, out of sports competitions. Everyone else sits around, eats junk food, and watches reality TV while these individuals grind their fingers to the bone in order to be the best.

In his classic article String Theory, David Foster Wallace opines about the nature of excellence in competitive tennis. To be the best, he writes, professional tennis players adopt an almost child-like rejection from their worldview anything that doesn't involve their singular goal:
"The restrictions on his life have been, in my opinion, grotesque; and in certain ways Joyce himself is a grotesque. But the radical compression of his attention and sense of himself have allowed him to become a transcendent practitioner of an art -- something few of us get to be. They’ve allowed him to visit and test parts of his psychic reserves most of us do not even know for sure we have."
Perhaps this singular dedication is beautiful. Perhaps it is tragic. At the end of the day, though, all that matters is winning.

Though the majority of Americans are lazy fat slobs, a dedicated minority is focused on pushing their goals forward. These people are your competition. What are you going to do to be better than them? Will you put in the extra sets at the gym until your legs burn? Will you stay up late solving a programming problem on a deadline for your startup? How will you compete with those who are dedicating their lives to excellence?

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Perhaps I Am A Coward

One of Judo's great masters, Isao Okano, on his fear of competition: 
If I may be permitted a personal confession, never in the countless judo tournaments in which I have participated have I had a feeling of perfect security. I am always pursued by an uneasiness that I can only describe as fear directed toward the opponent I must encounter. When I reach the hall where the tournament is to be held, I always experience a vague sense of bleakness.
Though I cannot ascribe exact causes to the feeling, I am perfectly aware of its manifestations. The blood drains from my face, and tears well up in my eyes. I cannot carry on coherent conversations. Even when I eat nothing in the early part of the day, in the afternoon I am not hungry. I begin to have doubts abut myself: perhaps I am a coward. 
The only thing for me to do is exert my best mental and technical efforts and fight to the last. After concentrating all of my attention on this idea, I assume the attitude that the imminent contest is my last one.  
This has always helped me to reach the point where I can wager everything on winning and losing. Put in extreme terms, my approach to judo can be summed up in the idea of one last meet.
That an iconic figure of a sport suspects his own cowardice before competition proves the truism that anything worth doing is scary. The essential character development resulting from competition, athletic or otherwise, is rooted in facing our hard-wired fear of failure. 

Society's dominant message is to hold equality of ability and opportunity above all other ideals. Resist the temptation to use this as a crutch. Establishing a hierarchy through competition is a quintessential masculine ideal rooted in honor and fairness. You are forsaking a part of your masculinity if you never test your abilities against others.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Got Fired

Well, not really. Last night I had vivid dream about being suddenly fired from my job. But nobody wants to hear about another person's dreams unless it involves fucking or they personally made an appearance. 

I like my job. I work in a competitive industry in a position that many men would commit light treason to obtain. I spend my day doing interesting and intellectually-challenging work, with a good bit of fun and travel mixed in. Despite the romantic appeal of the e-book writing/traveling/location-independent lifestyle, for now I'd rather be here. How do I know? Because I'm a 20-something person with no spouse, children, debt, or mortgage. I know the possibilities of self-employment and I still punch the clock at 9 every day. It's a revealed preference.

No matter how happy they are, though, everyone drifts into escapism. I've told myself that I'll stay here for a couple years more, saving my money and not falling into the trappings of escalating consumerism that comes from increased income, and then I'll leave without much issue to start the next phase of my life. Sometimes you can only be honest when your subconscious is doing the talking. And I was truly upset and worried for my future when I had this dream.

I didn't like this reaction at all. I believe that if you're a young man and your reaction to losing a job is anything but mild annoyance, you're probably too bought-into the system and not cultivating enough marketable skills.
"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."  - Heat (1995)
I want to keep my job, but the next time I have this dream I want my reaction to be nonchalant. I plan to work on side hustles that make me less tethered financially and emotionally to the people who sign my paycheck twice a month. This will reduce the number of people who could seriously mess with my life.

I set a goal at the beginning of this year to make $2,000 from various side businesses. This is not life-changing money by any means, but enough to prove that people will pay for goods and services I can provide, and to start a platform for future gains. Scores of better writers than myself have discussed creating small goals and side hustles, like starting a niche blog, writing SEO content, copyediting, etc. I've taken some steps to this and I'm about 1/4 to the goal but I'm lagging behind. 

You have D&P starting a terrific blog about the nascent juicing craze. Robert Koch regularly mines spare dollars from various side hustles. Roosh and Matt Forney have found ways to live off their blogs and book sales. The examples are plain for all of us to observe. I need to determine how to add to it.

The problem that stalls most people in these pursuits is that success doesn't scale linearly. If I put in 20% of the work Victor Pride, Danger and Play, or Matt Forney, I'll probably get 1% of the benefit. Success requires a critical mass of work and preparation, and I haven't put in the work yet to expect any sort of payoff that is significant to my life.

This blog is a space for discussion about topics involved in living the life of a man: game, girls, lifestyle, cooking, money, etc. My dream showed me that I have too long neglected the need to diversify financially. There is money to be made by creating, delivering, and transferring value from willing party to willing party, and I will share this knowledge here as I discover it. Let's make some money. Will you join me?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Five Manosphere Beliefs I Disagree With

The Manosphere is often accused of being a hive-minded echo chamber by its detractors. It is natural to assume that a confederation of men gathered around a few core concepts will have a large overlap in the thought process and convictions of its constituents. That said, here are several recurring ideas I see on blogs I read and respect that I personally disagree with:

Homosexuals Can't Be Good Parents - Parenting is difficult. With the number of single-parent households today, it's clear that the environment children are raised in isn't taken as a serious priority regardless of sexual orientation. Despite Roosh's well-written post on the de-masculinization of male children raised in a same-sex environment, I find the notion that gay parents will pass on their homosexuality to be doubtful at best. Until there are studies done on the comparative well-being of children from single parent, dual-parent, and dual homosexual parent households, we're all just speculating. We should also remember that most adopted children are being saved from foster homes, group homes, and other state-run environments that have serious issues dwarfing having parents who just prefer to put their genitals in different places than the majority of the population. 

Older Women Are Useless  - I covered this already in another post. Most men understandably chase younger girls, but older women are not without their charms in a dating context and can sometimes provide a more fulfilling overall experience.

Religion Is A Solution - Taking the Red Pill is about unplugging yourself from the pretty lies society has created to placate and control you. Therefore, it is incongruous that some who are otherwise "red pill" in their worldview still believe that the whims of a magical omnipotent man in the sky have any bearing on their lives. Breaking the devotion to what amounts to an adult Santa Claus allows us take even more ownership of our lives. As a set of fairy tales created by people in power to control the masses since the dawn of time, religion is the ultimate Blue Pill. 

If You Work A 9-5 Office Job You Can't Be Happy -- Most people are boring. They have no interests, ambitions, or desire for risk or excitement in their lives. Their shitty office job is not the cause of, but rather the reflection of this lack of character. Even without a dream job you can make money doing something that is reasonably intellectually stimulating and use leisure time to pursue things that fulfill you. The main drivers of unhappiness are more often the associated limitations people shackle themselves to (mortgage, wife, kids, friends they dislike, etc.) because they see their officemates doing the same thing. Office drone jobs and lack of fulfillment are correlated, but sometimes we reverse the direction of the causal arrow.

Capture The Flag - Hey, I just banged a girl who was born in a certain country. Who cares? My boner doesn't follow national boundaries, and I wouldn't turn down a girl I find even slightly more attractive than another just to get a new flag. I agree that flag count helps to describe the breadth of your game's appeal and provides a fun distraction, but I've encountered guys who regard it as a dogmatic conviction to be held above their own attraction.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Introvert Game: Must Be Present To Win

Western Cancer wrote an excellent article at ROK a while back with some tips for introvert game. I won't repeat too many of his great points, but I want to underscore the absolute necessity of one of them:

You have to force yourself to show up.

Many people confuse shyness for introversion. I'm not shy -- It's easy for me to talk to people once I'm in the right situation and mindset, but it saps my energy and requires me to recharge alone after. It also distracts me from my own ideas and forces me to use brainpower making useless small talk. Since this is not a pleasurable sensation, my default is to put myself in these situations less often than the average person. 

If you are introverted, showing up to the game is 90% of the struggle.  Sure you can work on your day rambles, develop ways to show your value, and make yourself a more interesting person, but if you encounter one opportunity to show it off per week you're not going to get very far. Water flows downhill, and without conscious effort you're not going to seek out situations that cause a baseline of mild discomfort.

For example: I hate shopping. I would rather order everything on Amazon.com, go to the farmer's market once a month for frozen meat, and read a good book with the time saved. The idea that I have to get in my car in the year 2013 and spend precious free hours physically picking up items and putting them into a dumb shopping cart is laughable. But I've realized that efficiency sometimes has to take a back seat for social opportunities, and thus I do my shopping like everyone else. 

It's an extrovert's world, and we introverts must learn to withstand some discomfort for the sake of approach opportunities and personal growth. Charge it to the game; you must be present to win.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Game, 8 Years Later

I recently read "The Game," Neil Strauss's famous bible of pickup artistry that thrust the previously underground PUA culture into the mainstream spotlight. 

Though the community has changed since this exposé hit the shelves, a timeless theme of the novel is that men have a drive toward understanding the world around us. Despite their idiosyncratic approaches to seduction, the characters chronicled in the novel built their craft using the scientific process, ruthless efficiency, and a dedication worthy of admiration. We owe these guys a lot for the inroads they made into understanding the female psyche, even if their vernacular and specific routines now seem dated.

That said, the book is no hagiography of Mystery and his fellow "mPUAs." Though the quality and quantity of tail they conquered is proof these guys were passing the Turing test for alpha, Strauss chronicles how internally they were light years from being the naturals they attempted to emulate. One of the most engaging and fascinating themes of the book was how most of the PUAs were deeply troubled and unfulfilled. Obliquely acknowledging this deficiency at one point, Mystery hints at the idea of creating a forum to build and share non-game value:
"I envision this lounge as not being about pickup, but rather about something bigger: life goals. Women are a huge part of that, and we work together to help each other obtain them. However, I’d like to extend our topics to money, social status, and other ambitions. 
I think one of life’s biggest difficulties is not being able to share your problems honestly. So, state your issues here, and you have a hundred intelligent, trustworthy men who can assist you. 
Also, tell us your goals and objectives. If you don’t have any, now is the time to make them. I want to see all of us get our shit together and reach self-fulfillment. Travel, women, money, social status, whatever. Let’s assist each other along the way. Let’s all work on the same projects and synergize our efforts like a corporation."
Unfortunately Mystery couldn't follow through on his own advice. Despite having had a show on VH1 and more ass than most of us could imagine, he is a tragic figure in the novel --- a manic genius with innumerable gifts but the curses of depression, sloth, and fear of success. He is constantly making grand plans about magic shows and fame, none of which come to fruition during the narrative. 

Mystery's self-medication to assuage the internal disconnect between ambition and accomplishment was to approach, approach, and approach some more. Strauss eventually realizes the short-sightedness of this method during one of his own seductions, at a party where he was essentially dynamite fishing due to his fame and status:
She asked, "What do you do for a living?" 
"What?" I replied. I couldn’t believe she would ask that, but she seemed to need that piece of information in order to explain my status at the party and her attraction to me. 
"What do you do?" she asked again. 
And that’s when I had the epiphany: Sarging is for losers. 
Somewhere along the line, sarging became seen as the goal of pickup. But the point of the game is not to get good at sarging. When you sarge, every night is a new one. You’re not building anything but a skillset. What got me laid on my birthday was not sarging but lifestyle. And building a lifestyle is cumulative. Everything you do counts and brings you closer to your goal. 
The current Manosphere is picking up slack where the first generation failed. The Roosh forum is one example of a place where like-minded men can share tips on girls, money, lifestyle, health, travel, and the other things that make a man's life worth living. I can only imagine how the characters in the novel would have been better served with the resources available today.

That the community has evolved markedly in the last decade is not an indictment of the book by any means. Strauss's ability as a writer makes the book informative, entertaining, and fast-paced. I recommend you pick up a copy for both historical and entertainment value. 

Click Here to buy "The Game" by Neil Strauss

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Buy "Three Years of Hate" While You Can

When Matt Forney revealed himself to be Ferdinand Bardamu, the prolific author of the now-defunct In Mala Fide, I was one of the few who had not made the connection. IMF was one of my first exposures to Red Pill thought, and set into motion many of the events that resulted in me creating this blog. 

Three Years of Hate condenses the best moments of IMF into a single work, and represents the only existing record of many of these posts now that IMF has vanished down the Internet memory hole. The book spans a range of topics such as religion, political theory, game, racism, the evolution of sex, and many others with a well-written alt-right slant. This is some really foundational stuff for the manosphere, including such essays as:

The Emptiness of Modern Manhood
Soccer and Multicultural Imperialism
Marriage is Dying: How Will Women Respond?
Not All Women Are Like That, Explained

Matt was always a terrific writer no matter the nom de plume, and this exhaustive manifesto of his worldview was even more interesting the second time around. On the rare points I disagree with, the prose is compelling and witty enough to make me think about the validity of my position.

If someone asked for three pieces of material for an introduction to the manosphere's gestalt, Three Years of Hate would be among them, along with the Best of Roosh and the Solomon blog archives. I won't go any more in-depth with a review, but I want to make everyone aware that this excellent compilation is only available for another week. I encourage you to buy it while you still can.

Click here to buy "Three Years of Hate"

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Mailbag: Styles of Game

A reader writes:
1. What are your thoughts on these books and their authors' strategies?

The Mystery Method by Mystery
The System by Doc Love
The Manual by W Anton

2. Direct game or Indirect game?

3. What's the best method to get laid fast and consistently?

4. What's your own process/method/steps for game? 

Thanks for your questions.

1. I have not read any of those books. I am peripherally familiar with the Mystery Method, because I just finished The Game (and will review it in this space at some point). Based on a cursory look at Amazon reviews, they don't appear to offer any knowledge that can't be gained for free in the manosphere. Read every post on Roosh, Danger and Play, and pre-2011 Roissy (Heartiste) and you'll spend less time and money getting more applicable advice. If you want to distill it down to two essential books, I suggest both Bangand Day Bang. There is very little else you need to pay for.

I may be reading too much into your question, but I would caution against falling into the navel-gazing that can arrest newbies getting into the game. Optimizing your choice of game books to read is like working on a master's degree in comparative literature to become a good writer; it doesn't work that way because people learn skills by doing them. Doing 50 approaches over the next 2 weeks will give you more practical knowledge and improve your progress more than any of the books you mentioned.

2. I like to approach more during the day, so, indirect game. At night my approaches are more direct. It takes some trial-and-error to come off as sexual without acting horny or desperate.

3. If those are your only two goals you should go to the club, approach like a machine, escalate, and have good logistics. You'll get blown out a lot and will probably end up wasting a lot of time and money, but it's the shortest route to get notches without regard to quality or opportunity cost. 

4. A cornerstone of the Mystery method is teaching to demonstrate higher value. The best game tip I can provide is not simply to demonstrate higher value: you need to BE higher value. Picking up girls isn't the top priority in my life. It probably isn't even 3rd or 4th on the list. I derive most of my pleasure from learning new skills, my hobbies, my job, reading, writing, and spending time with the few important people in my life. When girls realize that you don't make them a real priority, they begin to like you even more. 

My somewhat reductionist game advice amounts to the following: Get yourself in shape. Pick up a couple interesting hobbies. Maximize your appearance. Maximize your ability to make money. Look at what the average person around you is doing and DO NOT DO THAT. You can work on your game while you improve elsewhere by approaching and keeping abreast of the 'sphere. Lastly, prospect prospect prospect. Always be meeting women and collecting numbers so that a flake here or there won't set you back.

Reading pickup books instead of doing the above will make you like several of the lesser characters in The Game -- spouting lines that other people made up, getting laid occasionally, and having no foundation of value within yourself to fall back on when things go badly.

Send your questions or comments to manexmachina @ gmail dot com

Friday, July 5, 2013

Kill It With Fire: r/relationships

I have a love-hate relationship with Reddit. The popular news aggregator contains a wealth of information on esoteric hobbies and subcultures often delivered with the sarcastic dry humor I can appreciate as a closet nerd.

On the other hand, Reddit users are predominantly people that you wouldn't want to associate with in real life. Nearly every subreddit is populated by the social dregs of that particular subculture. A useful way to think of subreddit X is "Poorly socialized nerds doing X." Khrav maga subreddit? Imagine the nerdiest guy you have ever seen at martial arts class. Seduction subreddit? These are the guys still talking about sarging HB8s and k-closing the target after their wing AMOGs the AFCs in the club.

Robert of 30 Days to X pointed out on Twitter that the r/relationships subreddit is an especially large treasure trove of bitter blue pill comedy. These are actual post titles from the last few days:

"My girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend -- and I still love her"

My[22 m] girlfriend[23 f] is still talking to guys she met online- should I be concerned? I need an outsider's perspective please?

"My [22M] Girlfriend [21F] of 3 years blatantly asked me if she can have a One-Night-Stand. I said yes and now I feel like shit."

My[19M] girlfriend [19F] of ~6 months drunkenly kissed another guy, should I be angry?

Relationships are difficult to navigate in a world where men are taught to defer to women's feelings on every issue, and this forum perfectly illustrates the pervasiveness of the feminine imperative among blue pill thinkers. A typical r/relationships "problem" involves a man discovering his girl is cheating, and then asking about how to apologize for snooping on her phone to find the dirt. It's proof enough that "just dump her" is seen as a troll response in this forum.

If you are wondering how much Red Pill you have digested, an excellent barometer is your level of disgust while reading the threads on r/relationships, and whether you can pick out the subtext and gender power dynamics displayed in these scenarios. Happy redditing!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One Year Ago Today

I took a deep breath, tensed my legs, and put all the strength I had into throwing the bar up into the sky. It was no use. Not only did I fail to hit my previous calculated max, but it had dropped today by almost 15 pounds.

On the way home I grasped for something positive to take from the workout. I realized that I had barely thought about one of my middle-weight warmup sets on the bench, 5x145. I flashed back to my first flirtation with weight training in college, when I could barely get a single rep at 145 despite having the same body weight. Even on a slow day, I easily put up a warmup lift that I couldn't have done at 100% effort a few years ago.

The people with the greatest drive are often their own worst critics. This sphere is full of people (myself included) telling you you should always strive for better, but it is important to occasionally step back and reflect on your accomplishments. What do I know today that I didn't know a year ago? What can I do today that I could do a year ago? 

A year ago, I had no idea what a triangle choke was. I couldn't deadlift 350 pounds. I didn't own a juicer. I'd never approached a girl during the day. And I didn't have a blog.

A programmer friend of mine once said "if you're not embarrassed about the code you wrote 6 months ago, you're not learning enough." For some reason, this stuck with me as a life philosophy. As long as you can look backwards and marvel at something you couldn't do that now seems so easy, you are moving in the right direction.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Girls Make Me Lazy

The amount of time I spend in close proximity to females is inversely proportional to my desire to grind. When I'm alone on a weekend, I have a powerful urge to exercise, read, make money, socialize, and produce. With a female in close quarters, I want to eat food, lay around in bed all day, sleep, and consume pointless media. 

My guess that this relates to our evolution as a species. Why does your ventral tegmentum shoot dopamine into your midbrain? Because you did something to make yourself a more desirable mate. These reward mechanisms have evolved to reinforce behaviors that promote reproductive fitness. Everything we do is directly or indirectly linked to the need to procreate. Our mood rewards us when we do things that advance this goal and pushes us to seek this fulfillment. 

Once these mechanisms are being satisfied, though, there is less motivation to seek higher levels of reward. I suspect this contributes to married people gaining weight and taking fewer risks in their lives, since the basest impulse for the sex at is (at least in theory) being satisfied. This is coupled with the societal expectation to settle down and devote your life to our family instead of your own interests, which goes against a man's hard-wired urge to maximize his reproductive fitness through risking failure for accomplishment.

I like the occasional "girlfriend weekend" because it's nice to take a break form the game, but it ultimately goes against my nature. When Monday morning comes, I always choose personal fulfillment and productivity over comfort.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mailbag: Day Game or Online Dating? Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

The third part of your question is about online dating. It has its place in the gaming arsenal, but I'll give you two reasons not to devote precious time to it:

1) It's not a good ROI if you're a "normal" guy looking to date "normal" girls
2) It doesn't give you any real-life skills

I define "normal" thusly: you're in decent shape, but you're not an underwear model. You're a good enough writer, but you're not going to beat delicioustacos in an essay contest. You have some reasonable hobbies, but you're not the Dos Equis guy. You may have to message 15 girls before you get a single response. It may take responses from 2 or 3 girls to get a single date. It may take dates with 3 girls before you can escalate to whatever physical/emotional goals you have. This assumes you want girls who are at lest presentable (5+ on the 1-10 scale), and that you have at least average "first message" game. Do you like those odds?

That segues into point two -- if you've sent out nearly 100 messages to get a few measly dates, you've spent hours of your life typing words into a computer, few of which will ever see the light of day. Not dealing with your anxiety about rejection. Not improving your body. Not starting a business or improving real life skills

Online dating will not only discourage you from making changes; it actively makes your game worse. Seeing pictures of girls online saps your motivation to seek novelty and to talk to girls in real life, the same way porn saps your desire for real-life sex. You are a beginner, and you WILL use it as a crutch that prevents you from approaching girls in real life. You already mentioned a problem with fear of rejection. You will never conquer it using online dating.

Perhaps the most well-covered negative to dating online is the schism between a girl's expectations and her realistic value. I'll level with you -- even modestly decent-looking girls online see themselves as way out of your league. They get 50 messages a day from solid-yet-unremarkable men. It encourages a window shopper mentality, makes them find reasons to reject you, and gives them an inflated sense of their value. A fringe 6 in the club gets treated like a 9 online. Don't believe me? Set up a fake profile with a couple cute girl pics and track how many messages you get.

I've had some success with OKCupid and met some high-quality girls. But the (hundreds of?) hours I spent crafting messages, waiting to reply, working on my profile, thinking about when to respond, etc. could have been put to better use, both in pursuit of women and of real life goals.

A last note -- if you do decide to go this route (and I wouldn't recommend it to start out), for goodness sake don't PAY to be on one of these time-sucking websites. They have a financial incentive for you to fail.  

I suspect you might be a decent guy just looking for some control over your love life and, ultimately, a relationship. Even so, it behooves you to develop yourself and your game first, and only then use online dating to supplement. Thanks for the question, and best of luck.

Readers: Please send your questions to manexmachina at gmail dot com

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mailbag: Day Game or Online Dating? Part 1

A reader writes:
A lot of people from the "manosphere" imply that "day-game" where you cold-approach women during the daytime is completely acceptable - and women even "like it".  Yet, women ("feminists" - judging by their blogs) suggest that this sort of behavior is something to be frowned upon, where cold-approaching women during the daytime is not only deemed unacceptable, but also as something that is dangerous.

What is your take on this?

Would it not be better to maybe utilise an online dating website where women advertise their availability and also don't fear being "harassed" by strangers?

Of course, what compels me to consider online dating sites is recommendation from my friends (who argue that these are now more acceptable as dating tools vs the traditional dating game).  Also, I don't want to be humiliated in public by being rejected by the woman, where there are witnesses, and where there might be the chance that she might go off the boiler.

There are a lot of things going on here, so I've split it up into two posts. From your emails, it appears that you are new to the game. Congratulations on at least getting out there and trying to soak up some ideas that aren't endorsed by everyone in your day-to-day life.

Your first issue is with whether women want to be approached during the day. The answer is a resounding "yes." As usual, you must disregard what women say ("don't talk to me during the day") and pay attention to what they do (have drinks with me after I talk to them for 10 minutes about their coffee tumbler in Starbucks).

Have you looked at the pictures of some of the feminist writers who decry harassment during the day? Methinks the hog doth protest too much, and most of their spittle-flinging about dangerous men saying hello to them is sour grapes at their bargain-basement sexual market value.  You live in a safe, westernized country -- where is the "danger" in another person attempting to have a pleasant conversation with you in a well-lit coffee shop or grocery store? You're not hollering at them like a construction worker, you are trying to form a basic connection with another human being in a safe and public area.

Your second issue appears to be a problem with rejection itself rather than a distrust of day game. I have bad news -- if you make a commitment to getting better at talking to women, you're going to get rejected. A lot. Being "humiliated" in public is uncommon, but it does happen. 

I can tell you that if you honestly make a commitment to working on this, your fear will greatly diminish. With each approach, your heartbeat will be a bit slower, and you'll find the words come a bit easier. This confidence will spill into other areas of your life. Think about it this way -- if you go out tomorrow and say hello to 3 girls during your lunch break, you will have practiced more "day game" than 95% of males on this planet. It's all improvement from here.

At the risk of sounding too much like an advertisement, you should really buy Roosh's Day Bang. It changed the game for me, and over the past year I've been able to date some of the best looking girls of my life after approaching them in the coffee shop or supermarket. Roosh goes over mindest, venue selection, what to say, and how to guide and close an interaction. It's really a terrific resource that I cannot recommend highly enough. The book helped me develop a strong preference (and a better success rate overall) for approaching during the day.

You can buy Roosh V's Day Bang through this link to support both Roosh and Man Ex Machina.

Online dating? That's a whole different story. Part 2 is coming tomorrow.

Don't Miss: The Trap of Someday

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Look

I walked into my building elevator only to see a stunningly beautiful girl. Sundress, tight body, gorgeous face. And no ring on her finger.

I was in my running shoes and basketball shorts, sweaty from a hard-fought afternoon run.

In the bygone days of blue pill existence, I ignored a lot of the world. In this situation I would have hoped so fervently that the girl noticed me that her body language would have escaped my perception. Nowadays, knowing the true nature of women helps me to be more aware of my surroundings and sensitive to their nonverbal cues.

That was when it was flashed. The look. Sometimes it comes when you share an elevator or pass a woman on a street. Other times, during day approaches. Most frequently at night at the bar or club. The looks is one of dismissive self-righteousness. It says: "You want me so badly, but it will never happen. I am way out of your league, and I know it." The girl flipped through Facebook updates on her iPhone, ruthlessly delighting in her perceived superiority over the sweaty, poorly-outfitted mess sharing her space.

I thought about how I might see her at a bar later that night. My muscles would be well-outlined by my polo shirt rather than hidden by a ratty dry-fit running tee. My hair would be gelled instead of covered in sweat. My breathing would be calm and measured, instead of gasping for air after a grueling set of intervals. I would tell her that it looked like she was having the best time of anyone, and make a witty observation about our surroundings. Maybe she would give me her number, or even put up minimal resistance to a makeout on the dance floor.

I thought about how she would not see the thousands of hours I put into changing myself. Improving my body. Reading. Writing. Approaching. Investing time in worthwhile skills and hobbies. No matter the outcome of the approach, I wouldn't tell her that in five years she would be pining for a man with looks, charm, money, and intelligence. I wouldn't tell her that it would become increasingly difficult for her to fulfill her childish desire for a self-indulgent wedding and the perfect combination of badboy, family man, and easy ATM. That her "look" would become less and less applicable as the years piled on. I thought that she should enjoy her moment of superiority, an ephemeral triumph in an otherwise front-loaded and disappointing reality.

Of course, I didn't need to tell her any of this. It was all written in the look on my face.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pleasure Spots

"Much of what goes by the name of pleasure is simply an effort to destroy consciousness."

A brilliant short essay by George Orwell: http://orwell.ru/library/articles/spots/english/e_spots
If one started by asking, what is man? What are his needs? How can he best express himself? One would discover that merely having the power to avoid work and live one's life from birth to death in electric light and to the tune of tinned music is not a reason for doing so. Man needs warmth, society, leisure, comfort and security: he also needs solitude, creative work and the sense of wonder. If he recognised this he could use the products of science and industrialism eclectically, applying always the same test: does this make me more human or less human? He would then learn that the highest happiness does not lie in relaxing, resting, playing poker, drinking and making love simultaneously. [ ...] For man only stays human by preserving large patches of simplicity in his life, while the tendency of many modern inventions-in particular the film, the radio and the aeroplane-is to weaken his consciousness, dull his curiosity, and, in general, drive him nearer to the animals.
Orwell was, to say the least, ahead of his time. He decried the corruption and hypocrisy of communism, correctly predicted the advent of the technocratic police state, and in this brief treatise identifies much of our leisure objects as pacifiers and stunters of humanity.

Do your hobbies and pastimes make you more human, or less human?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pickup At 25,000 Feet

Everyone hates flying. The fact that airlines are beginning to charge by size should clue you in on the clientele for the average commercial flight. However, if you travel enough you will inevitably be presented with opportunities to game. When the airline gods smile upon you with the proximity of an attractive lass, here are some strategies you can use:

Getting a Number

It's best to establish a quick positive rapport shorty after sitting down. I usually do this by poking fun at someone on the airplane who deserves it (e.g. a man talking too loudly on his cell phone, a woman with a dog in a handbag, etc.). After you exchange pleasantries, disengage. If you're used to pushing through an approach at a bar or club this will feel unnatural, but is absolutely imperative unless you are on a very short flight. Even if you could ramble enough to cover a 5 hour flight from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, it's unlikely that your seatmate wants to hear you talk for hours on end.

Work on your own stuff, preferably something that involves reading or working rather than playing video games. When the flight is about 10-15 minutes from landing, re-engage the girl and ramp up the chitchat. Day Bang's "elderly opener", "ramble", "big bait," and GALNUC concepts are key here. If she responds positively to your vibe, getting the number shouldn't be difficult. 

Girls abuse the word "creepy," but in this scenario you must avoid embodying that tired adjective. The image you want to portray is "confident, laid-back interesting guy." Note that this is a different mindset than at the club. Err on the side of being boring.

Mid-Flight Makeout

Opportunities to actually escalate physically over the course of the flight are few and far between, but it does happen. I have done this twice. These were the common threads in both instances:

- The girl was young (<25)
- She expressed a fun/flirty vibe early in the interaction
- She responded positively to continued teasing. 

This works almost exclusively on younger girls, who are attracted to the "danger" of making out with a complete stranger on an airplane and are not as concerned about their image. The key here is grinding out the approach and steady compliance testing. Unlike going for the number, you're going to have to build attraction and push the boundaries a bit throughout the flight, which can be exhausting and tedious. If she rebuffs you in a playful way you are on to something. The image you want to project is "Mischievous but non-rapey bad boy."

The in-plane makeout requires boldness, savvy, and a lot of luck. Make light touching as the first physical move, and keep escalating. Pull back a bit here and there and be bold about everything before the kiss, which you need to be reasonably sure of for obvious reasons. The good news is, if the girl likes you enough to make out with you on the plane, you should be able to transition it into an instant date if you're staying in the same city.

Unless you identify your seatmate as a prime target, it's best to forgo this routine because of the time involved and the low-percentage nature of the move. In a normal night approach you can often bust through initial social resistance if your game is tight, but the confined environment of air travel can magnify any negative feelings toward you. Trust your instincts and tread carefully, lest you get arrested and strip-searched by a Sky Marshal.

Pulling A Flight Attendant

I have little experience with this, but I consulted a friend who has done this several times. She has to have initial interest in you, and it's best if you're seated near the front or back of the plane, giving you more face time and opportunities for interaction. This is similar to hitting on a bartender, where innumerable other jerks are jockeying for an attractive girl's time while she is at work. You need something to separate yourself, and this game is best played by men who are very good looking or eye catching in some manner. This situation has the highest upside though, since flight attendants can travel anywhere for free and can thus become part of your rotation despite geographic distance.

Ultimately, airplane game is difficult to practice because it is so dependent on circumstances outside of your control. You can fly for months without sitting next to a single reasonable target, but on the rare occasions where the circumstances line up properly you'll know that it's possible and how to maximize your chances.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Four Things I Observed At The Company Gym

Having read about commercial gyms that outlaw squat racks and "grunting," I feel grateful to have a company gym outfitted with top-notch equipment. For the first time, though, I have witnessed the workout habits of Herbus Americanus firsthand. If you've frequented a company gym, you have likely seen all of these obvious mistakes:

People hate weights - The average person is afraid that they will either hurt themselves by lifting heavy, or they will get "too bulky." So they do a couple sets on the leg extension machine, hit the elliptical for 8 minutes, and call it a day. Wouldn't want to get too big. Ironically, fear of getting "bulky" seems inversely proportional to time spent in the gym.

Gym-goers don't push themselves - I get a sick pleasure watching coworkers take a leisurely stroll on the cardio machines or do a couple pull-ups while barely breaking a sweat. This makes me feel better about collapsing after my last deadlift rep, Tim Tebowing on the floor out of necessity until the room stops spinning. Most people are lucky to work out an average of 20 minutes a day. If you're going any less than 100% during that time, you are a fool to expect any realistic gains.

Record keeping is poor - People drift from machine to machine, sometimes hitting 8 or 9 different stations during their hard-fought 14-minute crucible of pain. Despite their regimen containing more exercises than I knew existed, I rarely see them record how many reps they are doing at what weight. They care about putting "gym time" in in the abstract, but do not care enough to track their progress or pursue fitness goals.

Most people are looking for excuses NOT to get a workout in - I have seen people amble into the gym, talk to a coworker about the weather for 15 minutes, work out for 5 minutes, and leave. The vast majority of people are incurably lazy. By distracting themselves, they get the feeling of accomplishment that comes with getting into the gym without any of that unpleasant sweatiness, loss of breath, or soreness the next day.

Don't let this be you.